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September October 2018

Despite the opening of the sailing season being marked by unseasonable weather, our Club has made significant headway. In September/October the standouts include:

·         Congratulations to Club President Dennis, who recently as member of a team of 4 sailing a J22, won the World Airlines Sailing Championship in Chicago.

·         After some years, we got the Flying 11 up and running, and recruited Tom Westwood who recently joined us. Tom is in the State Train on Squad for the Flying 11s, and on his first outing taught other new youth members to sail it.

·         During the school holidays we successfully ran a Learn to Sail event. This became a real Club activity as new member Lachlan jumped into the Capsize Drills. Thereby saving us older members from getting a ducking.

·         The club received a positive response to a request for sponsorship to neighbour Bannisters. We are currently discussing the details of a draft agreement with Bannisters. Once these details are established by the Committee and Bannisters it will be advanced to members and our solicitor for discussion, input and eventual sign-off

We had to cancel our advertised Club Regatta due to lack of entries, but we will have another go next year. Possibly moving the date, and stepping up our advertising, any suggestions?

The NV continues to be a hit as the main club training boat, and we look forward to hiring it out to visiting sailors.

Social events

We have earmarked New Years Eve as a Club Party night. Tim and Tina have volunteered to be the Party Animals and organise the event. So please invite all family and friends to come and watch the fireworks from the Club Balcony, whilst partaking of something cold and bubbly.

Club house

In response to a members suggestion, Peter has contacted the council to mark a zebra crossing between the boat shed doors and the ramp. The decision and its implementation is now with the Council’s Road Safety Committee.

ALESCO College - Port Stephens

In the new school term the Port Stephens ALESCO College commenced using the club boats to introduce sailing into their curriculum. On the 26th we ran our first session, 17 young people and 4 teachers attended, supported by Graeme Sue and John. We ran a beach carnival type of event, where they have a choice of fishing, SUP/canoe or sailing. Followed by a BBQ. Despite Huey intervening to give us a gusty southerly, we introduced the sailors to the NV and the BICs. The feedback indicates we are well on our way to achieving the program goals of building self-confidence, self-worth and team spirit.


We have three regattas in the 2018/19 season calendar:

·         RS Aero Nationals 6-9 Dec

·         Flying 11 Nationals 12- 19 Jan 2019

·         RS 100 Nationals 26-28 Jan 2019.

With agreements in place, and the club’s responsibilities defined. We will be requesting your support and assistance.